AMD announces new GPU, and NVidia trashes it

NVidia CEO Jensen Huang jokingly dissmissed AMD’s new GPU, claiming the announcement was underwhelming and that the RTX 2080 would ‘crush’ the Radeon VII in any benchmarking comparisons. He even went on to say the AMD card’s “performance is lousy”.

NVidia is hanging their hat on the ray tracing available on the top of the line RTX 2080 Ti all the way to the entry level RTX 2060 announced just last week.

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One thought on “AMD announces new GPU, and NVidia trashes it

  1. I own an RTX 2070 ROG ASUS laptop, a RTX 2070 Zotac triple fan rgb Max OC edition, an evga rtx 2060, a gtx 1080ti founders edition, seveal titans and2 RTX 2080 (one 2080ti)even and my GPU of choice for all around computing, mining, gaming are still md’s benchmarks are just that nbenchmarks how something actually performing is more important. Price to quality ratio on amd crushes Nvidia. MOMost my gpuS IN my mning rigs are RX470 (10) and RX590 (22) and RX Vega 56 (7), II own one vega 64 and 2 rx 5700XT and one regular 5700 GPus as well as 5x Radeon 7’s in one gaming/ mining system using 4 crossfired, and one in a mining rig- Desr=troys equiv nvidia on hashrate its laughable, even beats out the titan on most coins ive mined… the vega 56 is probably the best graphics card for the price to quality ratio ever made. I used 4 of those in my gaming sys before purchasing 4 radeon VII’s which are crossfire linked. I own ed 4 2080ti’s (rediculous pricing btw) and I sold all but one of them once I tried two radeon sevens in another computer qand played a game- The difference was night and day with no tweaking. So I changed my system to radeon sevens from the 2080ti’s (also tried dual sli of the new titan series nvidia put out- those were about the same in real world performance which is scary considering the insane price tag difference- those are used with a Radeon RX 5700XT and a RTX 2060 in my dedicated photo and video editing computer now) In games with ray tracing support – which are few and far between in reality and there are lots of games in development but only a few with ray tracing implementation planned- Ive got to say I really like the RTX 2070 mobile edition, even with the slight dip in performance (and it aint much of a dip) and I would probably say that has been the RTX GPU im most impressed with and in reality when gaming there is no reql point in anything above the new RTX 2070 SUPER (I hVave not tried these but owning several 2070s id imagine the bump in performance not being noticed to much but its still more powerful).

    Point being i have used and own alot of expensive gpus used for rendering, compute enhancement, gaming, mining, photo/video editing, CAD etc and if you consider the performance average of all of those areas- I have to be objective and just say AMD makes bettter GPU’s in general, even with me prefering nvidia nrmalltyy- the results just speak for themselves- Ive also noticed the durability and life of amd vs nvidia to be like 5x superior -ive fried a couple nvidias but only one AMD and that was a GPU used in an old system for nearly 9 years Running at full load About 90%of the time and I can say Tho i always considered myself an nvidia fan – I own way more AMD gpus and would choose a radeon 7 over NVidia’s flagship woithout even thinking about it. and AMD will be releasing several ray tracing GPU’s in its next seies (HD series, R5 R& r9 series, RX 4 series RX5 and vega, and then whatever they decide to call it. Nvidia’s ceo comment is just laughable if youve actually gamed on a 7 or even better a game that supports several of them. therre is nothing better simply put, at this time)

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