Best Mini Electric Skateboard

Are you interested in an electric skateboard? This collection of mini electric skateboards is useful if you need a smaller, lighter board that is more portable. If you’re looking to use it for commuting to work or school and it needs to be light enough to carry around and stuff under your desk or in your locker, you’ll appreciate the lighter weight and smaller size of a mini electric skateboard. Depending on how much you’re looking to spend, you don’t need to sacrifice any of the speed or range of the larger electric longboards – some of these little fellows … Continue reading Best Mini Electric Skateboard

Best CPUs for Mining in 2020

It seems like every month there are a whole bunch of new altcoins that are CPU-mineable only – and while most of the projects are simply not worth wasting time on, there are some great blockchain ideas that have a potential to turn into legitimate businesses. Even if they don’t succeed long term, mining them, at least for a season, can be profitable. This collection of the best mining CPUs started in 2019, but really carries over into 2020 and until there are newer, more powerful CPUs available on the retail market. While this mining cpu comparison chart lists things … Continue reading Best CPUs for Mining in 2020

Cryptocurrencies are one of the top priorities in 2019 for SEC

In a report released December 20, 2018, one of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission’s top examination priorities this year is cryptocurrencies. In the report, digital assets (which are more specifically described in the document as cryptocurrencies, coins, and tokens) are included among the 6 themes for 2019 examination priorities. I wonder if this means the Bitcoin ETF application waiting for SEC approval (which the SEC has postponed decision making on until February 27th, 2019) will actually be decided on. Back in December, SEC commissioner said “not to hold your breath” waiting for a Bitcoin ETF. Continue reading Cryptocurrencies are one of the top priorities in 2019 for SEC

US SEC sets Nov 5 deadline for reviewing Bitcoin ETF Applications

The securities and exchange commission has outlined a time frame for reviewing proposed rule changes related to a number of diffirent applications for Bitcoin ETFs. The review period affects 9 applications. The SEC has asked for anyone to file a statement in support or rejection of the proposed ETFs by November 5. The regulator had found that the products did not comply with the requirements by the “Exchange Act Section 6(b)(5), in particular the requirement that a national securities exchange’s rules be designed to prevent fraudulent and manipulative acts and practices.” As a result, the applications are being reviewed. Continue reading US SEC sets Nov 5 deadline for reviewing Bitcoin ETF Applications