Best GPU for mining 2017

If you’ve been in the cryptocurrency sphere for very long, there’s no doubt that 2017 has been a crazy year so far – and it doesn’t look to slow down anytime soon! As the crypto markets are shifting and changing so quickly, it’s always difficult to try and pick just on card as being the best GPU for mining, but I at least hope to point you in the right direction. As interest in ethereum mining hardware has increased exponentially in the first half of the year, there is an extreme shortage on mining GPUs. As I went on a … Continue reading Best GPU for mining 2017

GTX 1090 Mining Speed

Looking for some specs on mining hashrates for the GTX 1090? But wait, you say, you have the 1080Ti specs listed here! That’s right, because instead of calling the GTX 1090 the GTX 1090 like would have made sense to keep in line with the previous series of cards, nVidia instead decided to label their GPU chip the 1080Ti. So, that’s why these GTX 1090 mining speeds are identical to the 1080Ti hashrates 🙂 Click here for an up-to-date mining GPU comparison chart based on hashes per dollar, attempting to find you the cheapest GTX 1090 with the best ethereum … Continue reading GTX 1090 Mining Speed

Tweaking Windows for an Ethereum Mining Rig Build

I assembled my multi-GPU mining rig last week and set about getting my Windows 10 install where I wanted it. Lots of people tend to steer clear of Windows for a mining computer build because you don’t want anything extra going on, just the bare bones. A Linux install would be great for bare bones, but requires more know-how, and specifically, know-how that I don’t have. Another option would be to purchase an install of EthOS, but I wanted to keep costs down because as the ethereum mining difficulty increases, it will take longer and longer to make back my … Continue reading Tweaking Windows for an Ethereum Mining Rig Build