Best ZenCash Mining Pool – for my small 1060 GPU mining rig

Last updated November, 2017

About 10 days ago I started mining ZenCash.

I first setup and used the MiningSpeed Zencash Pool, and my 2 GTX 1060 GPUs were mining about 600 Sols/s. Over 7 days, I averaged around 0.09 ZenCash after all miner and pool fees.

2 days ago I switched to try out the SuprNova ZenCash pool – so far I’ve earned 0.12 ZenCash per day using the SuprNova pool – that’s a difference of 0.03 Zencash per day on a 2 GPU rig! If you have a larger rig, you need to test different pools to make sure you are getting the most profitability from your GPU mining rigs!

Update: Over the past 7 days, using the SuprNova Zencash pool., I was able to earn 0.73616043 ZenCash, which is an average of .105 per day.

Mining Speed ZenCash Pool SuprNova ZenCash Pool
Per Week 0.63693569 0.73616043
Per Day 0.09099 0.10516

Although it isn’t much higher, it is a better profit, and I’ll be continuing on with SuprNova’s pool.


Next test will be trying a different miner, I’ve heard that DSTM can produce more Sol/s than EWBF miner.

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