GTX 1070 Ti Hashrate

Looking for GTX 1070 ti hashrates? Check out our mining GPU comparison chart of 1070 ti hashrates and cost here The NVidia 1070 Ti GPU is the newest edition to NVidia’s high end gaming graphic cards. And, as was expected, they are immediately being snapped up by buyers to use in GPU mining rigs. The 1070 Ti is very similar to the GTX 1070, but it has 2432 CUDA cores instead of the 1070’s 1920. Since that’s about 25% more computing units, hard core ethereum miners have been estimating that the NVidia GTX 1070 ti hashrate will be about 20 … Continue reading GTX 1070 Ti Hashrate

Best Power Supply For Mining

As we all know, the crypto world changes quickly! Back a few months, we did a round up of the 5 best power supplies for mining (see it here). While those are still some of the best choices for power supplies for your mining rig, there has been more testing and trying to find cheaper alternatives. One of those alternative power supplies that has come to light is the use of server PSUs. Since they are not in fancy looking cases, and aren’t targeted to the end user, they don’t look at all the same, and actually, they have completely … Continue reading Best Power Supply For Mining

Dual Mining Ethereum and ZCash (or other equihash coin)

When I was setting up to move my nvidia ethereum mining rig over to a ZCash mining rig, I accidentally started the EWBF ZEC miner before I had shut down the Claymore Ethereum miner – and what I saw surprised me. On my Windows 10 GPU mining rig, both of the programs were running without issue, my power usage had only gone up 1 or 3 watts (my power monitor was showing 171 watts but now it seems to go between 172 and 174 watts). This is using the best overclock settings on my 2 GTX 1060 6GB GPUs to … Continue reading Dual Mining Ethereum and ZCash (or other equihash coin)

For a GPU mining rig, how many PCI-E 16x slots do I need?

High quality graphics processing units (GPUs) require a PCI-e 16x slot on the motherboard. Unfortunately, when using the best gpu for mining, these cards not only use one of the few available PCIe 16x slots on your motherboard, they are also double-thick, which means they will use one slot and often cover the neighboring slot. Even if you could install two mining GPUs right next to each other, it would slow down thec ooling process and cause your GPUs to run hotter (possibly shortening the life of your GPU, lowering the hashrate as well, and using more power as they … Continue reading For a GPU mining rig, how many PCI-E 16x slots do I need?