Nvidia GeForce GTX1080Ti Founders Edition Ethereum Mining Speed Review

Nvidia GeForce GTX1080Ti Founders Edition

Nvidia GeForce GTX1080Ti Founders Edition Ethereum Hashrate

Top Hash Speed: 37 mH/s Ethash
Average Hash Speed: 36 mH/s Ethash

Nvidia GeForce GTX1080Ti Founders Edition Price and Availability

Prices and availability last updated 43 minutes ago

6 available from Amazon

Best Ethereum Hashrate Settings for Nvidia GeForce GTX1080Ti Founders Edition

Core Clock Speed : 1632 Memory Clock Speed : 1431 Driver version : 382.05 Mining Software : nanopool source

On stock settings, the GTX 1080 Ti FE outputs 32.04 MH/s. This is a bit better than the GTX 1070 which starts at 26 MH/s and can be overclocked up to 31-32 MH/s. The tests were performed using Claymore’s Dual Ethereum GPU Miner 9.4 on Windows 10 v1703 (which is considered the best Windows 10 version for mining). Power Draw: 250-285 W Now, we can achieve up to 35 MH/s in Ethereum if we overclock it (memory clock +300 MHz), 37 Mh/s memory clock +750. The power draw becomes about 10% more, so it goes hand by hand with the increase of hashrate. It can be undervolted by lowering power limit to 80% / 85% either 75% depends on the GPU if it can handle it. source

2 thoughts on “Nvidia GeForce GTX1080Ti Founders Edition

  1. Sirs.
    Sorry to sound so ignorant, but if I understand your tables correctly then the higher the number dollars and cents per MH/R implies to my uneducated mind a higher yield for a specific GPU when making comparisons across its peer group.
    Or have I got that the wrong way round.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Peter, sorry that is backward. The higher the “$ per mH/s” means that you are paying more for the same mining speed. The lower the price listed for $ per mH/s means that you will be paying off quicker.

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