Nvidia GeForce GTX1080Ti Founders Edition Ethereum Mining Speed Review

Nvidia GeForce GTX1080Ti Founders Edition

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Nvidia GeForce GTX1080Ti Founders Edition ZCash Hashrate

Top Hash Speed: 603 Sol/s Equihash
Average Hash Speed: 601.5 Sol/s Equihash

Nvidia GeForce GTX1080Ti Founders Edition Ethereum Hashrate

Top Hash Speed: 37 MH/s Ethash
Average Hash Speed: 36 MH/s Ethash

Best ZCash Hashrate Settings for Nvidia GeForce GTX1080Ti Founders Edition

The 1080 Ti can be set to do ~600 sols at ~150-155 watts. About 3.9 hash per watt ratio. You can get it up around 700 sols or higher but it will use the full 250 watts and beyond, making it very inefficient if you run it that way. source

Our GTX 1080 Ti that I am testing/tweaking right now does ~603 Sols @ ~154 watts for an approximate 3.92 h/w efficiency. Pretty darned good in my humble opinion. It really cuts down on the heat too, running at a mere 61C with the fan at 50% on a reference cooler (FE model). An aftermarket cooler will do even better. source

Best Ethereum Hashrate Settings for Nvidia GeForce GTX1080Ti Founders Edition

Core Clock Speed : 1632 Memory Clock Speed : 1431 Driver version : 382.05 Mining Software : nanopool source

On stock settings, the GTX 1080 Ti FE outputs 32.04 MH/s. This is a bit better than the GTX 1070 which starts at 26 MH/s and can be overclocked up to 31-32 MH/s. The tests were performed using Claymore’s Dual Ethereum GPU Miner 9.4 on Windows 10 v1703 (which is considered the best Windows 10 version for mining). Power Draw: 250-285 W Now, we can achieve up to 35 MH/s in Ethereum if we overclock it (memory clock +300 MHz), 37 Mh/s memory clock +750. The power draw becomes about 10% more, so it goes hand by hand with the increase of hashrate. It can be undervolted by lowering power limit to 80% / 85% either 75% depends on the GPU if it can handle it. source

2 thoughts on “Nvidia GeForce GTX1080Ti Founders Edition

  1. Sirs.
    Sorry to sound so ignorant, but if I understand your tables correctly then the higher the number dollars and cents per MH/R implies to my uneducated mind a higher yield for a specific GPU when making comparisons across its peer group.
    Or have I got that the wrong way round.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Peter, sorry that is backward. The higher the “$ per mH/s” means that you are paying more for the same mining speed. The lower the price listed for $ per mH/s means that you will be paying off quicker.

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