Crypto Corner – Profiting from the Blockchain

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! Join me as I navigate the interwebs and focus on making long term investments in the cryptocurrency world.

Even as a tech-head (a web developer and computer programmer for 15+ years), all of the terminology can make my head spin. This is the place where I will document and record my journey from completely outside the blockchain world into the belly of the beast. I’ll attempt to outline everything in a way that is easy to understand – I’m thinking of my friends and family members whose eyes glaze over when I say crypto currency, crypto coin, or blockchain. I’ll be building online GPU comparison tool for mining rigs and setting out step by step instructions to build mining rigs, invest in cryptocurrencies, trade and transfer Bitcoin and alt-currencies in online exchanges etc.

State of affairs – 2019 Overview of Best GPU Mining Practices, Tactics, and Hardware

Mining GPU Comparisons, with best hashrates, prices, and current availability

How to choose the best CPU for CPU mining

Passive Income Investments

How to earn passive income off of cryptocurrencies by staking your coins

Earn interest by holding your Bitcoin on BlockFi

Ethereum Mining Rig Tutorials

The start to my journey – from confusion to profit (hopefully)

How to build a mining rig – all the steps I [am taking] from start to finish

Tweaking Windows for simple Ethereum Mining

Power adjustments to increase hashrate and ROI for Ethereum mining on GTX 1060

21 days in – Profit? or Not? for my 2 GPU Ethereum Mining Rig

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