How to stake ARK, choose delegates and earn staking rewards

Complete guide to staking ARK, how to earn passive income with ARK Tokens, and why I think ARK is a smart investment

What is ARK?

How much can I earn by staking ARK tokens and voting for a delegate?

Yearly returns are somewhere around 10%, depending on which delegate you choose to vote for as different delegates pay out different amounts.

According to Staking Rewards, the return is 0.83% per month adding up to a total of 9.93% return for a year.

Visit the calculator here:

Split your risk with multiple delegate votes

Each ARK wallet only allows you to vote for a single delegate at a time. If you’d like to split your risk by voting for more than one delegate at a time, split your ARK tokens across multiple wallets. Then, each wallet can vote for one delegate at a time.

How do I stake my ARK tokens?

First, you must purchase some ARK tokens. Binance and UPbit are by far the largest exchanges for buying and selling ARK, but Bittrex and OKEx also have the ARK coin listed.

After you’ve purchased your ARK tokens, you need to store them in the ARK wallet.

You can download the desktop wallet, or use the web-based lite wallet app. However, the web wallet doesn’t allow you to stake your coins, it just allows to to create a wallet address and send transactions. We will be using the desktop app to stake our coins.

Note: Always visit the official ARK website to access wallet download links to make sure you are not tricked into using a hacked or malicious wallet version.

The ARK desktop wallet has a feature built in where screenshots are blanked out to offer increased protection against malware, so you’ll just have to follow written instructions:

  1. Download and install the wallet app
  2. Once you have an ARK address, transfer your ARK from the exchange to your ARK address.
  3. Click the refresh icon to have the wallet recognize the transferred ARK.
  4. Click on the ‘delegates’ tab, and choose a delegate for forging ARK tokens. To read a full write-up on how to choose a delegate, click here
  5. Choose a delegate and click ‘vote’.
  6. Choose how much to pay to send the transaction to the blockchain, I like to use the ‘average’ setting so I don’t overpay for my vote to register.
  7. Enter your passphrase, and click ‘Send’. That’s it!

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