How to stake KuCoin

Complete guide to staking KuCoin, how to earn passive income with KuCoin, and why I think KuCoin is a smart investment

What is KuCoin and KuCoin Shares?

KuCoin is a world-class blockchain and cryptocurrency exchange that has it’s own coin called the KuCoin Shares (symbol KCS). By holding KuCoin shares on the KuCoin exchange, you will receive a dividend called the KuCoin Bonus.

This bonus is 50% of the trading fees that KuCoin receives, allocated to each KuCoin Share holder based on the number of shares they own.

How much can I earn with KuCoin Shares?

Currently, KuCoin shares are paying out approximately 5.75% according to the KuCoin Shares Calculator located at

If the amount of trading on the KuCoin exchange grows, then the amount of trading fees received will also increase. Alternatively, if the exchange starts losing market share and trading decreases, then the amount you receive could also go down.

Current KuCoin Shares Passive Income of 5.74

Currently, according to the KuCoin Shares calculator site, $100 of KCS will return you 0.015 USD per day, for a total of $5.74691 per year.

How much should I invest in KuCoin Shares?

If you haven’t read what I say about equal position sizing, please do that first

Once you’ve decided how much you are going to put into each idea, then you already know how much you an spend on KuCoin shares.

Please note: You do need to own at least 6 KCS in order to receive any rewards – 6 KCS is currently worth about $3 USD so that shouldn’t be a problem!

How do I stake KuCoin Shares, and is it difficult?

KuCoin Shares are actually very easy to stake/claim/hold for passive income. You simply need to leave them on the exchange. Here’s how to stake KuCoin Shares

  1. The first step is to register on the KuCoin Exchange. There is currently only one place to do that, the KuCoin exchange. If you click on my referral link, it doesn’t cost you anything extra and I receive a small bonus.
    My referral link:
  2. Next, you need to deposit some BTC to the exchange and purchase KuCoin Shares.
  3. That’s it! You don’t have to do anything else to start earning rewards.

How do I check my KuCoin bonus from KCS?

After logging into the KuCoin exchange, click on Assets in the top menu.

Next, click on KuCoin Bonus in the left menu.

Finally, you’ll be able to see your bonus payouts. Please note, that the first day you won’t see anything, but check back the next day and you will see one payout.

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