Mining GPU Speed and Price Comparison

Looking at building a mining rig? Instead of spending hours looking for specs and prices on GPUs only to find out the one you want isn’t in stock, check out our comparison chart! It lists all of the in-stock GPUs along with their hashrates and hashes-per-dollar figures – nifty, eh?

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Older GPUs can still be useful for GPU mining:

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16 thoughts on “Mining GPU Speed and Price Comparison

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  2. Thank you for your time you put in the sight. It’s very helpful. Does anyone know if the 1050ti 4GB is still a good card for a 6 gpu rig ? Power draw is no concern. Thank you in advance for your reply.

    1. The 1050Ti is still ok for mining. Its the cheapest card so if you’re looking to start small just to get your feet wet, it’s a good option. However, it uses more power than something like the 1060, so I’d recommend going with a 1060 3GB as a first option.

      1. I’d like to agree with crash Fox on your help. Much appreciated while doing research. Wanted to verify that low $ per MH/s is better than high $ per in MH/s. Is this correct?

      2. Wouldn’t a 3GB card become obsolete in a year or so? It would no longer mine Ethereum at a profitable level do to “DAG” size increase? I was going to buy 10 msi rx570 4GB but decided not to because of only 4GB.

        1. Yes, that’s true – the 3GB will probably no longer mine Ethereum after October or November. However, the Equihash algorithm is more profitable right now than mining Ether, and there are no DAG file issues with the equihash algorithm. Plus there will be other Ethash coins with smaller DAG files after Ethereum no longer works on a 3GB card. A 4 GB card will still work for quite a while – estimates put it at end of 2019, or into 2020 even.

  3. You are very right. 15 difference in international prices (BTC to USD) and in Indian market (BTC to INR) is a big difference. However this has happened due to demonetization. Due to demonetization, there has been drastic increase in demand. The Bitcoin exchanges do not have enough liquidity. When they have limited number of bitcoins with them and demand is huge, they have no option but to increase the price. No one is selling bitcoins so these exchanges are not receiving any SELL orders. They are only getting BUY orders resulting in a crunch leading to increase in their selling price.

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    1. It still comes down to mining speed versus dollars – unless there’s something about the Monero fork I don’t know about? The fork’s purpose is to deter the ASIC miners, and none of the GPUs you listed would be affected by the fork.

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