Mining GPU Speed and Price Comparison

Looking at building a mining rig? Instead of spending hours looking for specs and prices on GPUs only to find out the one you want isn’t in stock, check out our comparison chart! It lists all of the in-stock GPUs along with their hashrates and hashes-per-dollar figures – nifty, eh?

Ethereum Mining on GTX1060 6GB – Best Mining GPU prices and speeds

Ethereum Mining on GTX1060 3GB – Best mining GPU prices and speeds for 3GB cards

Ethereum Mining on GTX1070 8GB – Best mining speeds and prices

Ethereum Mining on GTX1080 8GB – Hashrates and prices for the GTX 1080

Ethereum Mining on GTX1080Ti – Best gtx 1080ti mining hashrate and price

ZCash Mining on GTX 1060 6GB – Best GPU for Mining ZCash

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