Best Radeon VII for Mining Cryptocurrencies

At the start of 2019, AMD released the world’s first 7nm gaming GPU, and named it the Radeon VII (roman numerals for Radeon 7). AMD claims the 7nm chips are 1.3x faster than the last generation VEGA GPUs – the VII is the Radeon 2nd Generation Vega card.

Along with faster computations, the Radeon VII for mining should also be more power efficient.

Here are some hashrates, compared with current pricing for the Radeon VII mining gpus.

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Best Radeon VII Hashrates

Often times, crypto mining hashrates are shared online, but a specific brand of Radeon 7 graphics card isn’t given. While most of the GPUs will mine at the same speeds, often specific brands with advanced cooling technology will allow faster hashrates. All of these general Radeon VII mining speeds should be used as a guideline when card-specific hashrates can’t be found.

Ethereum Hashrates

With stock settings on the AMD Radeon VII with hynix memory, mining hashrates for Ethash are around 90 mh/s using 320 watts. With overclocking, the 90 mh/s speed can use as little as 250 watts.

Cryptonight Mining Speeds

Cryptonight R mining on the Radeon 7 can achieve speeds of 2970 H/s using 245 watts. Undervolting and overclocking can achieve 2930 H/s with only 185 watts.

Equihash Mining

Equihash can also achieve low power usage on the Radeon 7nm mining GPU – stock settings are around 24 Sol/s with 240 watts power usage, and overclocking does 23 Sol/s with only 165 watts.

Do you have a Radeon Vii for mining cryptocurrencies? Let us know what sort of hashrates you’re getting, and what settings you are using.