The Buy A Mattress Without Fiberglass

Are you wondering about a mattress without fiberglass? Because of fire safety rules in the USA (and other countries for that matter), many mattress companies will use a fireproof barrier made of fiberglass to protect the very flammable mattress components from catching on fire and burning.

Why do companies use fiberglass in their mattresses?

Fiberglass doesn’t burn, and it’s cheap, and so it’s a natural choice for mattress companies trying to lower costs (in order to keep mattress costs low) while still meeting safety regulations in the country they are marketing their mattresses.

Most mattress materials, like memory foam, are actually highly flammable and need considerable protection in order to pass the fire safety requirements in the USA.

There are companies that spend more money (and thus charge more money for their mattresses) in order to avoid the use of fiberglass in their mattresses. Check out our list below if you’re looking for a memory foam mattress without fiberglass.

Is fiberglass dangerous?

In recent years there has been many studies and complaints about some of the toxic chemicals used as fire retardants that help meet the safety requirements. Since fiberglass isn’t carcinogenic (according to state health departments) and doesn’t have any toxic properties, it’s another good choice.

However, the small glass fibers can become problematic if they come in contact with the body. If you come in contact with fiberglass, it can cause itchy skin and eyes. If breathing airborne dust containing fiberglass, it can irritate your eyes and throat.

When does fiberglass in a mattress become a problem?

The layer of fire resistant fiberglass is underneath one or more layers of material to keep it from coming in contact with you while sleeping.

Most issues with fiberglass in a mattress happen when a mattress cover is removed, and thus the fiberglass layer is exposed and agitated and can cause glass fibers to break apart and become airborne. In some cases, the fibers can contaminate a room or a whole house.

Mattresses with fiberglass typically have a tag that stats not to remove the cover for cleaning, but certain budget mattress companies put a zipper on those covers and so end users think the cover is removable even though the company recommends against it.

What companies make a mattress without fiberglass?

Douglas Mattress Fiberglass

Douglas is a sub brand of Their mattresses are made in Canada and were originally intended for the Canadian market only. Since they have started offering their mattresses for sale in the USA, the Douglas United States mattress does have fiberglass in the cover to meet federal fire regulation standards in the United States.