Moto Tec Review – 24v Electric Dirt Bike 500w Review

Moto Tec Review – 24v Electric Dirt Bike 500w
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Our Rating: 7.0
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Last updated December, 2019

The Moto Tec electric kids motorcycle is a full-featured bike that doesn’t break the bank!

With full suspension, and knobby air-filled tires, riding on all sorts of terrain is easy and comfortable.

A key-selectable speed limiter makes this bike great for beginners – start with the 5mph settings, and then increase to 10mph or 16mph as the rider’s confidence and skill level increases.

Slightly heavier than the cheaper, less-featured EV kids bikes, at 66 lbs this bike is designed for kids 12 and older and can support up to 150lbs. With so many features, this makes our list of the best kids bikes, and with the higher weight limit is even a decently best electric dirt bike for adults!

Ride time is officially listed at 30 minutes at full speed, but owners seem to report anywhere from 45 minutes of heavy riding to up to 3 hours of slow and easy riding!

Charging the 2-12V batteries takes 4 to 6 hours, although the manufacturer recommends 9 hours.

Riding Time45 minutes
SuspensionFront and Rear Shocks
Motor Power500 watt
Top Speed16mph
Weight Capacity150lbs
Weight66 pounds

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What to Know Before Buying a Mototec Electric Dirt Bike 24v

The Moto Tec 24v electric dirt bike seat height is 23 inches – approximately 5 inches higher than the 18″ seat height of the Razor MX350, which really makes this bike feel larger and better suited for older kids. Minimum ground clearance is 9 inches, so when combined with the knobby air-filled tires really makes this electric motorcycle ready to handle some rough terrain.

Not many of the electric dirt bikes for kids come with an adjustable speed limiter, but the Moto Tec 24v does! It comes with 2 keys – one can be used to adjust the top speed to 5mph, 10mph, or the full 16mph (denoted by a L,M,H designation for low, medium, and high speed), and the other key is used to allow the bike to be turned on. This is a great feature for parents to be able to limit when the bike can be ridden (without the key, your kids can’t take the bike out while you’re gone to work etc).

Some assembly is required, but that’s the same with all other electric dirt bikes we’ve reviewed. Moto Tec estimates assembly will take 30-40 minutes.Assembly includes mounting the handlebars, attaching the front fender, front number board, attaching the front tire, and bolting the rear shock onto the bike (it’s removed during shipping to allow the bike to be collapsed as much as possible). After assembly, check the tire pressure and charge the battery.

Initial charge of the battery needs to be 12 hours. Continuous riding time at maximum speed is around 30 minutes – slower, more careful driving could last for 1-2 hours. Recharging the battery pack should always be done with the power switch off, and should be done for at least 9 hours. MotoTec says the 24v battery pack can last on average, 120 charge and discharge cycles. To ensure longer battery life, store the batteries in temperatures between -10º and 75º F. Over long periods of not riding the electric dirt bike, charge the battery once a month until normal use is resumed.

The MotoTec dirt bike comes with a 30 day warranty through the manufacturer.

MotoTec Dirt Bike Reviews - What People Are Saying

Like all of the other electric dirt bikes on our ‘Best of’ list, the Moto Tec dirt bike reviews vary from negative to positive. However, almost all of the negative reviews we saw were due to some problem when the bike was first assembled. For example, one customer stated the front fork was bent and some pieces were missing (likely could have happened during shipping). Yet another Mototec 24V dirt bike purchaser complained that the bike has no power and that the rear brake rotor is warped, ending his review with “Stay away this is real junk”.

Overall, this bike has an almost 4 out of 5 star rating, though, and most of the reviews are very positive. From “My kid will love this” to “I tried it and I love it”, the Moto Tec 24v electric dirt bike 500w motor definitely leads the pack with features. Another common thread in the Moto Tec reviews is that it has full/real suspension with a triple crown front fork and a rear monoshock – compared to the Razor MX350 that has no suspension.

One reviewer even said “The build quality makes Razor look silly. Real shocks, nice and adjustable brakes, real tires and fenders.” (note that the Razor MX650 does have air-filled tires, front and rear disc brakes, and full suspension so the reviewer was likely talking about the $200 dollar cheaper MX350 or MX400 dirt bikes).

A few of the Mototec reviews stated that the turning radius wasn’t very tight, but also mention that other electric dirt bikes in this price range are similar. It isn’t until you get into the $1500+ range that the electric motorcycles have a realistic, motorcycle turning radius.

Mototec Electric Kids Dirt Bike FAQs

What is the seat height of the Mototec 24v electric dirt bike? The seat height is 23 inches, which is why the age recommendation is for kids older than 12 years old, while some of the competition has shorter bikes that can work for younger children.

How long does a charge last? Some owners say 30 minutes, but it depends on the weight of the rider, how aggressive they are riding, and what sort of terrain (hills?) they are driving the 500w dirt bike on.

How fast does the Moto Tec dirt bike really go? There is a key-operated switch that sets the top speed to 5, 10, or 16 mph.

What is the maximum weight for the rider? Maximum weight is 150 pounds

What size are the tires? Both the front and rear tires on this dirt bike are 2.5 inches wide and on a 10 inch wheel (2.5×10 tires).

What sort of terrain can I drive on? How does it handle in dirt or grass? The bike handles well on the dirt and grass, thanks to the air filled tires and front and rear suspension. Acceleration is slow and smooth and easy to control. It does slow a bit on hills for a 70 lb child, and some heavier children may have to push with their feet up steep hills, but that also depends on the state of the battery charge.

Is this a manual or automatic? Technically, it would be called a single speed since there is no transmission. Unlike a gasoline engine, there is no engaging and disengaging of a clutch because an electric motor doesn’t need to idle – it simply stops rotating. There is a variable speed throttle so it acts like an automatic transmission, there is no changing gears involved. Simply twist the throttle and hold on!

There is a key-controlled top speed switch that allows parents to limit their childs speed to 5mph, 10mph, or the full 16mph top speed.

Does the MotoTec 24v dirt bike comes with the charger? Yes the charger is included

Can I ride the Mototec dirt bike in the snow? There is 9 inches of ground clearance, so as long as the snow isn’t too deep you should be able to drive in it. It really depends on the traction you have in the snow and whether it will go anywhere or just spin the tire.

Mototec 24v electric dirt bike 500w resources

Mototec Dirt Bike Parts Need replacement parts for your bike? Contact BigToys (who imports the MotoTec products to North America) directly – here is their list of parts for the 24v 500w dirt bike. Or you can search the web for aftermarket parts. There are lots of suppliers – keep in mind that some of the replacement batteries won’t have the original screw-on connectors, so you’ll have to modify the wiring to work with the slide-on spade connectors.

MotoTec Electric Dirt Bike 24v manual

Click here to download the PDF owner’s manual

The manual includes details on safely operating the mototec 24 volt electric dirt bike, as well as assembly instructions and battery care and charging information.

For details on how to tighten the chain or adjust the brakes, check out the maintenance section of the manual.

The manual even includes a circuit diagram to help you troubleshoot electric issues that might crop up, although it shows electric door locks so I’m not sure what that is supposed to mean – possibly something lost in translation.

Is your charger getting warm when in use? Don’t worry, the charger has a built-in over charge protection to prevent the battery from being overcharged. The charger warming up is normal and no cause for concern. Also, if the charger does not get warm it doesn’t mean it is not working.

Before each ride:

Before each time you ride your bike, make sure to take a moment and check for any loose parts.

  • Make sure the steering clamp bolts are locked in place, and make sure there are no unusual rattles or other noises.
  • Check the brakes for proper operation to ensure you can stop.
  • Also, check the frame and forks for cracks or broken connections. It’s rare to have a cracked frame, but if the bike is crashed or driven into a curb, it would bend or break the frame.
  • Ensure the tires are properly inflated on your MotoTec 24v electric dirt bike
  • Always wear a helmet and don’t ride in barefeet or with sandals on

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