Razor MX350 Review – Dirt Rocket Electric Dirt Bike Review

Razor MX350 Review – Dirt Rocket Electric Dirt Bike
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Last updated April, 2020

This entry-level electric dirt bike for kids comes from Razor, the legendary scooter company. As their entry level MX350 model, this quiet battery-operated moto-cross bike has a single speed, chain driven motor.

The authentic twist grip propels the bike, and there is a single hand brake that operates the rear wheel. It also comes with a kickstand for easy parking in between rides.

The MX350 electric dirtbike has 12 inch pneumatic tires with knobby tread. If you plan on riding in fields with blackberry bushes, air-filled tires can be a hassle because you can end up with a flat tire. However, they do also provide a softer ride than solid tires, and since the Razor MX350 doesn’t have any front or rear suspension, air-filled tires make a lot of sense.

Designed for ages 13 and up, this bike comes with a 90-day warranty. Some of the electric bikes from other companies don’t mention any warranty

Riding Time30 minutes
SuspensionAir filled tires
Motor Power350 watt
Top Speed12mph
Weight57 pounds

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Commonly Asked Questions

What is the Razor MX350 Top Speed? According to the official Razor website, the top speed for the MX350 is 14mph. Some other websites list the top speed as being 13 mph, or even as low as 12 mph. This is likely because the top speed can vary depending on how charged the battery is, how much the rider weighs, and how smooth the terrain is that is being ridden on.

How long does the Razor MX350 battery last? A fully charged battery pack can last for up to 30 minutes of continuous riding, depending of course on how much the rider weighs and how aggressively they are riding.

What if the battery stops holding a charge? Replacement batteries are available directly from Razor, as well as some third party suppliers like Amazon. Depending on your technical ability, it is a fairly simple process. Otherwise, contact your authorized Razor service center for help with the Razor MX350 battery replacement.

What type of warranty does the MX350 have? The MX350 comes with a 90 day manufacturers limited warranty. The Dirt Rocket is warrantied to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. The warranty doesn’t cover things like tire and normal wear and tear, or any damage caused by a crash. Also, if the electric dirt bike is used for commercial purposes the warranty is void.

Replacement Parts Razor USA has a wide variety of replacement parts available including batteries, tires, and chargers. Online, there are a wide variety of MX350 replacement parts here

How to Choose the Best Razor Electric Dirt Bike

Razor is by far the most popular, and even one of the original companies to make electric dirt bikes. They have a product line with more than one option, so take a moment to consider which would be the best Razor electric dirt bike for you or your child.

Dirt Bike Rider Size

If you are looking for an electric dirt bike for kids, then the MX350 could be a good choice. Although Razor states it is for children 13 and up, in reality, most children will be too large for this by the time they get to 13. It could be a liability thing where Razor doesn’t want to get sued for recommending an electric dirt bike for kids that are too young to control it safely. However, there are many MX350 owners who say that it was the best choice for them, but now there kid is too large for it (and often their kids are still under 13 years old). The MX350 is the smallest, lightest electric dirt bike for kids from Razor. If you need something bigger, look at the big Razor dirt bike MX400, or the biggest Razor dirt bike MX650

Electric Dirt Bike Features

Do you want an electric dirt bike with suspension, or is that not important to you? Typically bikes without suspension weigh less, making them a better choice dirt bike for young kids. However, Razor electric dirt bikes with suspension, like the MX400 and MX650, provide a smoother ride and increased stability on rough terrain, which actually makes them a little safer than those without suspension.

How fast do you want to go, and what type of range do you need?

Some of the best electric dirt bikes for kids don’t have very high top speeds (which is a good thing for kids), but they still provide 30 to 45 minutes of riding fun per charge. Battery capacity and top speed are considerations when looking to buy an electric dirt bike for children.

Razor MX350 Review - What People Are Saying

Being one of the best selling electric dirt bikes, there are many Razor Dirt Rocket Mx350 reviews. All of these razor motorcycle reviews can make your buying decision easier! Here are some of the things people who have bought the Mx350 are saying:

  • Too small – although Razor recommends the MX350 for kids age 13 and older, some reviewers say the size of the bike is just too small. A 7 year old that weighs 46 pounds, and another with a son who is 8 who says the bike seems to small and has trouble going up hills with the children on it.
  • Awesome – Some buyers report testing out the MX350 before giving it to their kids for a Christmas gift, and loving it so much they went out and bought themselves the larger, more powerful MX650!
  • Most of the complaints come from faulty products, where a battery wouldn’t hold a charge. That’s the reality of electric dirt bikes. If it happens within the first 90 days, Razor will help out. Otherwise, look at replacement batteries – they typically cost less than $50 and will get you back up and riding again.
  • Rough ride – Older owners of the bike wish they had bought the MX500 or MX650 dirt rocket with suspension to help smooth out the ride. The MX350 doesn’t have any suspension, but it helps keep the overall weight of the bike low so that it’s easy for kids to handle.
  • The battery is not removable, and it’s recommended that you keep it from freezing to help extend the battery’s life. If you live in a cold climate that could mean disassembling the bike to take the battery inside over winter, or storing the whole bike in your basement or heated garage.

Useful Tips for Buyers

Some assembly is required for this bike, including flipping up the handlebars that were folded down for shipping, attaching the front fender and rear number plate. Lastly, wheel spoke tension and tire pressure should be inspected before riding. Razor estimates these tasks to take approximately 15 minutes.

The first time the razor dirt rocket MX350 battery is charged, allow 12 hours for a complete charge. Recommended maximum charging time is 24 hours to minimize risk of damaging the batter pack.

Razor USA Company Profile

Starting back in the early 2000s, Razor created the legendary kick scooter. It was the must-have item of the year, and Razor quickly became an icon of American culture.

Razor now offers a full line of award-winning products inspired by Southern California and rooted in popular action sports.

Razor’s products embody the spirit of freedom and fun, and Razor has been recognized year after year for their innovative and popular products. Their awards and recognitions total over 70! In the founding year, 2000, Razor was awarded the Toys-R-Us Vendor of the Year award, and made it onto Forbes’s list of the most popular toys of 2000. In 2001, they were included in Time Magazine’s inventions of the year list. In 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, and 2009, Sport Illustrated included them in their “Gotta Get It Guide” and “Gears, Games & Gadgets” special issues. Most recently, in 2015, they received the Family Choice Award.

MX350 Dirt Rocket Resources

Did you lose your owner’s manual? Download the PDF here directly from Razor USA The manual includes information on assembly and setup, as well as troubleshooting steps and warranty details.

Find a Razor Service Center near you: https://www.razor.com/customer-care/service-centers/

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