Razor MX650 Review – Rocket Electric Motorcross Bike Review

Razor MX650 Review – Rocket Electric Motorcross Bike
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Last updated October, 2019

This bike is dubbed the ‘King of the Hill’ and can actually carry adults – however, it’s recommended for youth age 16 and older so it just makes it into our list of the best electric motorcycle for kids.

The MX650 is a few steps above the smaller MX350 and MX400 Dirt Rockets. The motor is a powerful 650 watts which provides enough power to carry riders weighing up to 220 lbs up to 17 mph!

Front and rear disc brakes help to stop the bike, and the large 16 inch front tire and 14 inch rear tire help the bike roll over rough terrain and small obstacles without even slowing down.

It’s almost twice as expensive as the smaller options, but with features like full suspension and the high torque 650 watt motor, we think it’s worth it. If you’re going to buy a kids motorbike, and your child is old enough or experienced enough for this powerful bike, it definitely gets our recommendation!

Please keep in mind this bike goes faster and weighs more (almost 100 pounds) than other comparable bikes, so make sure your child has the strength and experience before turning them loose on it.

Riding Time40 minutes
SuspensionFull Suspension
Motor Power650 watt
Top Speed17mph
Weight capacity220 pounds
Weight98 pounds

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Guide to Buying Razor MX650 Review – Rocket Electric Motorcross Bike

There’s no doubt about it, this MX650 is a big Razor dirt bike. What we like about it, however, is that the cost isn’t big.

Sure it’s more expensive than the MX350 or even the MX400, but it’s only about 50% more. For motor power, however, you get a 650 watt electric motor, rather than the 350 watt of the MX350, and your top speed is higher as well. What could really seal the deal for getting the biggest Razor dirt bike, however, is that the wheels, frame, and weight capacity are all larger – which, for an adult or teenager, makes riding it way more fun!


Razor MX650 Specifications

Top Speed: The Razor MX650 top speed is 17 mph. Razor mentions that the speed may change depending on the weight of the rider, and the charge status of the battery, but doesn’t provide info on what weight of rider was used to determine the top speed. However, what we do know, is that the top speed of the MX350 dirt bike is 14 mph – so this is definitely faster.

Range: Razor says the MX650 can travel up to 30 miles on a single charge

Weight Capacity: The MX650 is the biggest razor dirt bike, with a weight capacity of 220 pounds! The MX350 is only rated at 140 pounds, making it unavailable to many adults and teenagers. The MX650 does weigh in at almost 100 pounds, more than the 62 pounds of it’s smaller brother, but it’s probably because of the extra strength needed for the higher weight capacity. Keep in mind that this still isn’t a full size motorcycle – if you’re tall, you might still feel like a bear in a circus.

Motor Power: Razor Dirt Bike’s are named after the size of their motor – usually at least! The MX650 has a 650 watt motor.

Battery: The Razor MX650 48v battery? For some reason, the battery is incorrectly listed as being 48v. Razor says it is a 36 volt battery pack coming from 3 – 12V sealed lead acid batteries.

Brakes: Unlike the MX350 that only has a rear brake, the MX650 has a front and rear disk brake

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