Razor MX650 Electric Dirt Bike for kids and parents!

Last updated May, 2017

The Razor MX650 is the top of the line Razor Electric Dirt Bike. It’s the biggest physically, weighs the most, and has the most powerful motor of the Razor dirt mike family.

Do you have a tall-ish or old-ish child, and you want to get them a razor motorbike that you can ride as well? Then this is the bike for you!

Just don’t buy this thinking you’ll get a full size motorcross bike – it’s a small electric motorcross bike that’s made for kids, but is strong enough to carry adults too – its’ a big Razor dirt bike.

The front tire size is 16 inches, so it’s smaller than most kids mountain bikes (whose wheels are usually 20″). However, the front wheel is air filled, and mounted on a strong steel front fork with shocks to help absorb and carry you over small obstacles. We recommend standing up when going up a curb – the seat-bump-to-the-rear isn’t exactly comfortable.

The top speed on this Razor electric dirt bike is 17 mph which is about the maximum speed the average adult can run in a short burst. The MX650 razor achieves that speed by utilizing a 650-watt electric high-torque motor powered by the battery pack. Ride time from the battery pack is listed at 40 minutes by the manufacturer, so it’ll run long enough for you and your friends to take it on a spin around the block!

Total weight capacity for the Razor Electric Dirt Bike mx650 is 220 pounds, and the bike itself is sturdily built and weighs almost 100 pounds. This is a BIG razor dirt bike!

Price wise, the Razor Dirt Rocket mx650 is around $500, and can be found cheaper on sale. That puts it well below the price of the ‘real’ best electric dirtbikes but still makes for an expensive toy. We like this one because it’s only 15% more than other electric dirt bikes for kids, but at least can be ridden by parents too – so really it can make the MX650 a better buy in the long run.

Razor MX650 Review – Rocket Electric Motorcross Bike

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This bike is dubbed the ‘King of the Hill’ and can actually carry adults – however, it’s recommended for youth age 16 and older so it just makes it into our list of the best electric motorcycle for kids.

The MX650 is a few steps above the smaller MX350 and MX400 Dirt Rockets. The motor is a powerful 650 watts which provides enough power to carry riders weighing up to 220 lbs up to 17 mph!

Front and rear disc brakes help to stop the bike, and the large 16 inch front tire and 14 inch rear tire help the bike roll over rough terrain and small obstacles without even slowing down.

It’s almost twice as expensive as the smaller options, but with features like full suspension and the high torque 650 watt motor, we think it’s worth it. If you’re going to buy a kids motorbike, and your child is old enough or experienced enough for this powerful bike, it definitely gets our recommendation!

The MX650 seat height from the ground to the top of the seat padding is between 24 and 26 inches (because the seat is curved).

Please keep in mind this bike goes faster and weighs more (almost 100 pounds) than other comparable bikes, so make sure your child has the strength and experience before turning them loose on it.

Riding Time40 minutes
SuspensionFull Suspension
Motor Power650 watt
Top Speed17mph
Weight capacity220 pounds
Weight98 pounds

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3 thoughts on “Razor MX650 Electric Dirt Bike for kids and parents!

  1. At the time I was so tired of useless information, and now this time I finally ended with something useful about electric dirt bikes and I thank you!

  2. I am suprised more parents don’t buy this? I got my girl a razor dune buggy and I ride the 650. I often take it around late at night down the empty neighborhood streets. It’s fast enough for anyone to have fun.

    1. I’d ride this… although I am waiting a little bit until my boys are older so that I can justify buying an electric dirt bike that’s big enough for me to ride!

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