Tweaking Windows for an Ethereum Mining Rig Build

I assembled my multi-GPU mining rig last week and set about getting my Windows 10 install where I wanted it. Lots of people tend to steer clear of Windows for a mining computer build because you don’t want anything extra going on, just the bare bones. A Linux install would be great for bare bones, but requires more know-how, and specifically, know-how that I don’t have.

Another option would be to purchase an install of EthOS, but I wanted to keep costs down because as the ethereum mining difficulty increases, it will take longer and longer to make back my initial investment. The lower the mining rig cost, the quicker I can make the money back.

That left me with Windows. And after some research, I learned there are a fair number of people using Windows for their GPU mining computer builds. I had an old computer with a Windows 7 install so I figured I could do the free upgrade to Windows 10 and get an operating system for $0.

After installing Windows 10, the computer reboots itself and that’s when you can get started with the tweaks.

  1. I downloaded a bunch of registry tweaks for my Ethereum rig. It’s pretty cool – when you run it, it gives you step by step options of “would you like to …” and you can click y for yes or n for no and then after all your options are chosen, it runs the update and sets your registry up. I chose ‘Y’ to turn off everything except for 1 or 2 options. I didn’t want Cortana, or any of the accessibility options. I wanted a lean, mean, ethereum mining machine!
    Windows 10 Registry Tweaks for Ethereum Mining Rig Build
  2. Next, I hit the windows key + r, and typed in services.msc
    • Scroll down to Windows Update and change “Startup Type” to disabled
    • Restart the computer, go back into services.msc and make sure Windows Update is still disabled
  3. Next, I increased the virtual memory:
    • On desktop, right click on “This PC” and choose “Properties”
    • Click on “Advanced System Settings”
    • On the advanced tab, under “Performance” click on the “Settings” button
    • Click the “Advanced” tab
    • At the bottom, under virtual memory, check off the “Custom size” option and
      • minimum 3000
      • maximum 20000
    • Click “set” then “OK” and “apply”
    • Restart your mining rig
  4. Next, change the power plan and options
    • Search for Power Options
    • Click “Show Additional Plans”
    • Select “High performance” plan
    • Click on “High Performance Plan” and choose “Change plan settings”
    • Select “Never” for all 4 sections
    • click “Change advanced power settings” and look for PCI Express”>”Link State Power Management” and make sure it is set to OFF
    • Restart your ethereum mining rig

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