Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080ti Ethereum Mining Speed Review

Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080ti

Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080ti Price and Availability

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Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080ti ZCash Hashrate

Top Hash Speed: 780 Sol/s Equihash
Average Hash Speed: 749 Sol/s Equihash

Best ZCash Hashrate Settings for Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080ti

Getting 765 on my Aorus. Temp: GPU0: 62C GPU0: 765 Sol/s Power Usage:  242W Efficiency: 3.16 Sol/W cor +300 mem + 700 fan @ 70 power - 245 source

Not best efficienty settings but best settings for 720 sol/s stable 2x 1080 ti AORUS Power Limit is 90% Temp Limit is 81 degrees Memory Clock is +400 Core Clock is +122 Efficiency is around 3.26 Sol/W   source

I mine with three of the Auros 1080Ti cards. My setup: Core Clock (Mhz): +65 Memory Clock (Mhz): -200 Averages using EWGA miner on Flypool: GPU0: 70С, 731 Sol/s GPU1: 76С, 731 Sol/s GPU2: 73С, 729 Sol/s Total speed: 2191 Sol/s source

I'm mining with NiceHashMiner, for overclocking i use MSI Afterburner 4.4.0. Beta 12. Nvidia drivers 384.76 My current values are: Core Voltage (%): +2 Power Limit (%): 150 Temp. Limit (C): 90 Core Clock (Mhz): +40 Memory Clock (Mhz): +100 Fan Speed (%): 98 (manual setting) Regarding Sol/s, data right after starting, then they fall by 20Sol/s. So atm i get 750Sol/s source

Base Aorus can match that 780 sol/s with minimal tweeking and runs cool and LONG term reliable doing so (the one in the machine I'm typing this on is at 60C right now, but it's the only GPU in a gaming machine in an air-conditioned environment and a case with good cooling). Not sure if the higher-end model does any better, it's got a higher factory overclock but I suspect it might be limited by having the same cooling system. source

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