ZOTAC GTX1080Ti AMP Extreme Ethereum Mining Speed Review

ZOTAC GTX1080Ti AMP Extreme

ZOTAC GTX1080Ti AMP Extreme Price and Availability

Prices and availability last updated 136 minutes ago

ZOTAC GTX1080Ti AMP Extreme ProgPoW Hashrate

Top Hash Speed: 23.08 H/s ProgPoW
Average Hash Speed: 17.84 H/s ProgPoW

ZOTAC GTX1080Ti AMP Extreme Ethereum Hashrate

Top Hash Speed: 51.1 MH/s Ethash
Average Hash Speed: 40 MH/s Ethash

Best ProgPoW Hashrate Settings for ZOTAC GTX1080Ti AMP Extreme

Low power setting of 40% total power draw, +500 on memory clock, and +50mHz core clock with EthPill gives 12.59 mH/s on ProgPoW source

Using EthPill and these settings: +50 core, +500 memory, 70% TDP gets 23.08 mH/s with 212 watts source

Best Ethereum Hashrate Settings for ZOTAC GTX1080Ti AMP Extreme

Not the best settings for efficiency, but low power usage if mining when not gaming. +50 core, +500 mem, 40% power limit, EthPill gets 26.5 mH/s on 120 watts source

Ethlargement Pill mining speed is increased to 49.5 mh/s. Settings are +50 core,+500 memory, 70% power limit for efficiency and total power usage is 177 watts source

Using EthPill, +50 core, +500 memory , power setting 110%, and mining speed on Ethash is 51.1 mH/s with power consumption of 260 watts source

Stock settings uses 200 watts and gives 32.9 mH/s hashrate for ethereum gpu mining source

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